Wei-Hau ChangIoC, Academia Sinica
 Rong-Jie CheinIoC, Academia Sinica
 Shinya HagiharaITbM, Nagoya University
 Tetsuya HigashiyamaITbM, Nagoya University
 Tsuyoshi HirotaITbM, Nagoya University
 Chao-Ping HsuIoC, Academia Sinica
 Joseph Jen-Tse HuangIoC, Academia Sinica
 Chen-Hsiung HungIoC, Academia Sinica
 Pung-Pung HwangICOB, Academia Sinica
 Guang-Yuh JauhIPMB, Academia Sinica
 Kazue KaneharaIPMB, Academia Sinica
 Toshinori KinoshitaITbM, Nagoya University
 Yuki NakamuraIPMB, Academia Sinica
 Masayoshi NakamuraITbM, Nagoya University
 Shunsuke OishiITbM, Nagoya University
 Takashi OoiITbM, Nagoya University
 Masayasu TakiITbM, Nagoya University
 Florence TamaITbM, Nagoya University
 Shih-Long TuIPMB, Academia Sinica
 Der-Lii TzouIoC, Academia Sinica
 Naoyuki UchidaITbM, Nagoya University
 Shu-Hsing WuIPMB, Academia Sinica
 Daisuke YokogawaITbM, Nagoya Universitym
 Takashi YoshimuraITbM, Nagoya University
 Steve Sheng-Fa YuIoC, Academia Sinica
 Hsiao-hua (Bruce) YuIoC, Academia Sinica


July 13

Opening Ceremony
09:00-09:05Director Yu-Ju Chen (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Welcome message
09:05-09:15President James C. Liao (Academia Sinica)
 Opening Remarks
09:15-09:25Director Kenichiro Itami (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Introduction of Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University
09:25-09:35Director Long-Fang Chen (IPMB, Academia Sinica)
 Introduction of Institute of Plant and Microbiology, Academia Sinica
09:35-09:45Director Yu-Ju Chen (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Introduction of Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica
Session IChairperson: Yu-Tai Tao
09:45-10:00Tetsuya Higashiyama (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Cysteine-rich peptides of flowering plants are keys to solve global food problems
10:00-10:15Shu-Hsing Wu (IPMB, Academia Sinica)
 How do plants interpret light signals: from the perspective of gene expression regulation
10:15-10:30Chen-Hsiung Hung (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Porphyrinoids: new chemistry and new applications
10:30-11:00Group Picture and Tea Break
Session IIChairperson: Shih-Sheng Sun
11:00-11:15Takashi Yoshimura (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Understanding the mechanism of vertebrate seasonal adaptation
11:15-11:30Pung-Pung Hwang (ICOB, Academia Sinica)
 Zebrafish as a model to understand how hormones regulate body fluid ionic and acid-base homeostasis to cope with changing environment
11:30-11:45Der-Lii Tzou (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 A review of vaccinia viral envelope protein A27
Session IIIChairperson: Wen-Shan Li
11:45-12:00Yuki Nakamura (IPMB, Academia Sinica)
 Lipid diversity in plant growth and development
12:00-12:15Takashi Ooi (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Catalyst-directed multiple selectivity control
12:15-12:30Masayoshi Nakamura (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 SWEET projects
12:40-12:45Rong-Jie Chein (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Development of ortho-directed methodology and its application in natural product synthesis
Session IVChairperson: Ito Chao
13:30-13:45Chao-Ping Hsu (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 All about the sun: modeling the electronic processes in the organic solar cells, and the Circadian clock
13:45-14:00Toshinori Kinoshita (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Regulation of blue light-induced stomatal opening and the plasma membrane H+-ATPase
14:00-14:15Shih-Long Tu (IPMB, Academia Sinica)
 Molecular mechanism of light sensing and pre-mRNA splicing in plants
14:15-14:30Daisuke Yokogawa (ITbM, Nagoya Universitym)
 Theoretical studies of photochemistry in solution
Session VChairperson: Cedric Po-Wen Chung
14:30-14:45Florence Tama (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Synergy between experiments and simulations to understand biological function
14:45-15:00Steve Sheng-Fa Yu (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Selective oxidation of hydrocarbons by metalloenzymes and their bio-mimetics
15:00-15:15Shunsuke Oishi (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Chemical synthesis of pollen tube attracting proteins
15:15-15:30Wei-Hau Chang (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Biological molecular machines: from architecture to atom coordinates
15:30-16:00Tea Break
Session VIChairperson: Jiun-Jie Shie
16:00-16:15Shinya Hagihara (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Synthetic molecules that regulate phytohormone signaling
16:15-16:30Guang-Yuh Jauh (IPMB, Academia Sinica)
 Functional study of genes involved in Arabidopsis sexual reproduction
16:30-16:45Tsuyoshi Hirota (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Identification of small molecule modulators of the mammalian circadian clock
16:45-17:00Joseph Jen-Tse Huang (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Photo-controllable probe spatiotemporally induces neurotoxic fibrillar aggregates in cells
Session VIIChairperson: Chin-Ti Chen
17:00-17:15Kazue Kanehara (IPMB, Academia Sinica)
 The link between endoplasmic reticulum stress response and phosphoinositide signaling in higher plants
17:15-17:30Naoyuki Uchida (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 A bump-and-hole strategy toward freehand manipulation of plant hormone signaling
17:30-17:45Masayasu Taki (ITbM, Nagoya University)
 Fluorescence imaging of fatty acid metabolism by a solvatochromic fluorescent probe
17:45-18:00Hsiao-hua (Bruce) Yu (IoC, Academia Sinica)
 Controlling the cell-materials interface by synthetic chemistry and nanotechnology

July 14

09:00-10:30Laboratory tour of ITbM delegates (divided as groups)
10:30-12:15Poster session and individual brain-storming and discussions
12:15-12:30Closing Remarks


Deadline: July 9


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