Chen, Yu-Ju

Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry

Chen, Yu-Ju (陳玉如)

Director(2013~);Deputy Director(2011-2013);Research Fellow (2010-);Associate Research Fellow (2005-2010);Adjunt Professor, National Taiwan University (2007-);Adjunt Professor, National Chia- Yi University (2007-);Adjunct Research Fellow, Genomic Research Center (2004-Present);Assistant Research Fellow (1999-2005);Postdoctoral Fellow, National Tsing Hua University (1998-1999);Postdoctoral Fellow, Ames Laboratory, U.S.A(1999);Ph.D., Iowa State University (1997);BS, National Taiwan University (1992);President, Taiwan Proteomics Society (2008-2011);Editorial Board Member, European Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2012-2015);Wu Ta-you Memorial Award, National Science Council, Taiwan (2008);Junior Researcher Award Research Investigators, Academia Sinica (2008);Distinguished Young Chemists Award, Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (2007);Outstanding Young Investigator Award, the Chinese Chemical Society (2006);Outstanding Scholar Award, Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry(2011);Award for Outstanding Young Scholar, Shui-Mu Foundation of Chemistry(2012);Outstanding Research Award from the National Science Council.(2012);
Research Interests

Advanced bioinformatics-assisted mass spectrometry methods for comprehensive signatures of membrane sub-proteome and its downstream phosphoproteome and nitrosylproteome associated with disease.
Surface functionalized nanoprobe-based affinity mass spectrometry for multiplexed quantitation of disease-associated protein markers, discovery of post-translational modification in disease and epitope mapping for drug-interacting protein.

Selected Publications
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Update: 2016-01-06

Journal Paper
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