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Date Subject Speaker Organization Contact Location
2015-12-24 15:30Synthesis and Characterization of NanocatalystsProf. Bing-Joe HwangDepartment of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyProf. Sheng-Fa YuA108 Conference
2015-12-29 15:30Porphyrins and phthalocyanines: New strategies for applications in biology and medicineProf. Kwang Poo ChangMicrobiology/ Immunology, Chicago Medical School, RFUMSProf. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2015-12-30 15:30Reconstructing protein interaction networks and biological pathways using proteomics technologyProf. Alexey NesvizhskiiDepartment of Pathology University of Michigan, USAProf. Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2015-12-31 15:30PDMS-assisted crystallization-a facile method in preparing single crystal arrays of conjugated molecules used in OFETsChien-Lung WangDepartment of Applied Chemistry, National Chiao Tung UniversityProf. Po-Wen ChungA108 Conference
2016-01-05 15:30Probing molecular structure and orientation by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy and sum-frequency generation microscopyProf. Nien-Hui GeDepartment of Chemistry University of California, USAProf. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2016-01-07 15:30The Luminescence and Surface Chemistry of Nanocrystalline Malaria Pigment and Zinc OxideProf. Scott BohleDepartment of Chemistry, McGill University, CanadaProf. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-01-12 10:30Communication at the nanoscale: Molecular communicationProf. Chia-Han LeeResearch Center for Information Technology InnovationProf. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2016-01-22 15:30Bridging Theory and Experiment in Establishing Mechanisms of Chemical ReactionsProf. Yundong WuCollege of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking UniversityProf. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2016-02-05 10:30Spatially-resolved proteomic mapping of living cells reveals new proteins and functions in the mitochondria and neuronal synapseProf. Alice Y. TingDepartment of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyProf. Yu-Ju ChenA108 Conference
2016-02-18 14:30LabVIEW程式在分析化學上的應用Prof. Cheng-Huang LinDepartment of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal UniversityProf. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2016-02-25 15:30Polyaromatic Micelles with Unique Host Capabilities in WaterProf. Michito YoshizawaCommon Division, Chemical Resources Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of TechnologyProf. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-03-03 15:30Using chitosan to construct new advanced heterogeneous catalystsProf. Oz M. GazitChemical Engineering - Technion Institute of technology, IsraelProf. Po-Wen ChungA108 Conference
2016-03-08 15:30Computational design of self-assembling proteins and protein-DNA nanowiresDr. Yun MouPostdoctoral Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of California, San Francisco, USAProf. Jen-Tse HuangA108 Conference
2016-03-15 15:30Development of Novel Organic Transformations Using Cyanide Adducts of Aldimines as Key IntermediatesProf. Cheol-Hong CheonDepartment of Chemistry, Korea UniversityProf. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2016-03-18 14:00Ta-Shue Chou Memorial LectureProf. Kenichiro ItamiDepartment of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya UniversityDirector Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2016-03-23 15:30Efficient Cyclometalated Metal Complexes for Displays and Lighting ApplicationsProf. Jian LiSchool of Materials, Arizona State University, USAProf. Chin-Ti Chen A108 Conference
2016-03-24 10:30Electronic Structure Contributions to the Reactivity of Cysteinate Ligated Nickel Containing Metallopeptides Towards Reactive Oxygen SpeciesProf. Jason ShearerDepartment of Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno, USAProf. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-03-24 15:30Catalyst and Methodology Development Directed towards More Efficient Stereoselective SynthesisProf. Zhao YuDepartment of Chemistry, National University of SingaporeProf. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2016-03-28 15:30Nanoscale Molecular Assemblies in Cellular Environment: From Molecules to ProcessesProf. Bing XuDepartment of Chemistry, Brandeis University, USAProf. Chi-Kwong ChangA108 Conference
2016-03-29 15:30Direct Synthesis of Acetylenic Compounds from Calcium Carbide: a New Sustainable Chemical FeedstockProf. Sumrit WacharasindhuDepartment of Chemistry, Chulalongkorn University, ThailandProf. Cheng-Chung Wang A108 Conference
2016-04-14 15:30Chemical Toolbox for dissecting bacterial pathogenesis and BeyondProf. Lun Kelvin TsouInstitute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes, TaiwanProf. Wen-Shan LiA108 Conference
2016-04-26 15:30Functionalized nanocarriers: From design to its multifunctional bio-applicationsDr. Chian-Hui LaiPost-doctor research fellow, Genomics Research Center, Academia SinicaProf. Cheng-Chung Wang A108 Conference
2016-04-28 15:30Controlling the Burn: Understanding C-H Bond Activation by Copper Oxygen SpeciesProf. William Baker TolmanDepartment of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, USAProf. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-05-02 15:30Plasmonics for Enhancing Nanoscale Light-matter Interaction: Applications in Optical Manipulation and Chiral AnalysisProf. Jer-Shing HuangDepartment of Chemistry, National Tsing Hua UniversityProf. Chun-Hong KuoA108 Conference
2016-05-03 15:30Controlled Growth of Semiconducting and Metallic Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesProf. Huiming ChengInstitute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesProf. Ling-Kang LiuA108 Conference
2016-05-05 15:30Development of Peptides as Potent AnalgesicsProf. Chai-Lin KaoDepartment of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung Medical University Prof. Wen-Shan LiA108 Conference
2016-05-12 14:30LabVIEW程式在分析化學上的應用Prof. Cheng-Huang LinDepartment of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal UniversityProf. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2016-05-19 10:30Phosphorus in Sustainable Synthetic ApplicationsProf. Jan WeigandInorganic Chemistry, Technische Universitat DresdenProf. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2016-05-19 11:00Phosphorus in Sustainable Synthetic ApplicationsProf. Matthias WolfInorganic Molecular Chemistry, Technical University Dresden, GermanyDr. Wei-hau Chang1F Conference Room, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology
2016-05-24 15:30Donor-Acceptor Pyranone-derived Fluorescent Compounds for Organic Electronic Devices and BioimagingProf. Atul GoelCSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, IndiaProf. Jiann-Tsuen LinA108 Conference
2016-05-25 15:30Ruthenium Catalysts for green chemistry via activation of alkynes, alkenes and C-H bondsProf. Pierre DixneufInstitut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes, FranceProf. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2016-05-30 14:00Minisymposium on Organic Synthesis, Organometallics and Elemento-Organic ChemistryProf. Kohei TamaoDirector of the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, JapanProf. Hsiao-Hua YuTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2016-06-02 15:30Recent Advances in Applied Theoretical Organic Chemistry-from Metals to Mighty TreesProf. Dean TantilloDepartment of Chemistry, University of California, DavisProf. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2016-06-07 15:30就業與創業經驗談姜建忠總經理友旺國際公司Prof. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2016-06-08 10:00From Water Treatment to Sustainable Water ResourceDr. Teh-Ming LiangDirector of Water Technology Research Division Material and Chemical Engineering Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research InstituteDr. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2016-06-13 15:30Rational Strategy for Chain-Growth Supramolecular PolymerizationProf. Takuzo AidaDeputy Director of Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN, JapanDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-06-16 15:30Study on hybrid catalysts for isomerisation reactionProf. Le Thanh SonDepartment of Chemistry, VNU University of Science, VietnamDr. Rong-Jie Chein A108 Conference
2016-06-21 15:30Light Effects on ZnO Nanoparticles and CytotoxicityProf. Tien-Sung LinVisiting Professor, Chemistry Department, National Taiwan UniversityDr. Tahsin ChowA108 Conference
2016-06-23 15:30Challenges and Opportunities to Drive the Next wave of Growth in OLED Display and Lighting ProductsDr. Raymond KwongUniversal Display CorporationDr. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference
2016-07-07 15:30Design and Engineering of Stretchable Materials for Skin-Inspired Electronics Towards Artificial SkinProf. Ho-Hsiu ChouDepartment of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen UniversityProf. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference
2016-07-08 15:002016 New Academician LectureshipDistinguished Professor W.S. Winston HoDepartment of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The Ohio State University, USADirector Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2016-07-11 11:00NanoVelcro Rare-Cell Assays for Precision Medicine in the Fields of Cancer and Prenatal DiagnosesProf. Tseng Hsian RongDepartment of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology at UCLA Dr. Hsiao-Hua YuA108 Conference
2016-07-21 15:30Hydrogen production and fuel cell applicationDr. Ming Yu YenToplus Energy Corp.Dr. Po-Wen ChungTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2016-07-22 15:30Recent Advances in CatalomicsDr. Shao Q. YaoDepartment of Chemistry, National University of SingaporeDr. Wen-Shan LiA108 Conference
2016-08-02 15:30Sulfur Atom Transfer (SAT) ReactionProf. Xuefeng JiangShanghai Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Chemical Process, East China Normal UniversityProf. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2016-08-04 9:00The 3rd Japan-Taiwan-Singapore-Hong Kong Quadrilateral Symposium on Coordination ChemistryProf. Takumi Konno et al.Professor Shie-Ming PengTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2016-08-26 15:30Synthesis and Application of Hypervalent Sulfur Radicals and Hypervalent Nitrogen Radical CationsDepartment of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima, JapanDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2016-09-20 15:30Soluble and Stable Acene Based Molecules and MaterialsProf. Chunyan ChiDepartment of Chemistry, National University of SingaporeDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2016-09-22 15:30Renovation of Optically Active Phenanthroline as Powerful Chiral Ligands for Versatile Asymmetric Metal CatalysisDr. Yuki NaganawaResearch Associate, Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, JapanDr. Jiun-Jie ShieA108 Conference
2016-09-23 15:30Metal-free Organic Dye Applications in DSSCs and Organic Photovoltalic CellsProf. Yuan Jay ChangDepartment of Chemistry, Tung-Hai UniversityDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-09-27 15:30Computational Chemistry Aided Design in MaterialsProf. Jyh-Chiang JiangDepartment of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-09-29 15:30Engineering Biomolecules for Environmental ApplicationsProf. Shen-Long TsaiDepartment of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyDr. Cheng-Chung WangA108 Conference
2016-10-04 10:30Total Synthesis of Alkaloid Natural Products without External Chiral SourcesProf. Sanghee KimSeoul National UniversityDr. Wen-Shan LiA108 Conference
2016-10-04 15:30石油化學之綠色挑戰洪正宗副所長中油公司煉製研究所Dr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2016-10-05 10:30Conduction Band Engineering in TiO2: Electrochemistry, Photocatalysis and ApplicationsProf. Ladislav KavanDepartment of Electrochemical Materials, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, PragueDr. Jiann-T'suen LinA108 Conference
2016-10-06 15:30Single-molecule Study on the Structural Dynamics of TGGAA Tandem Repeats Associated with Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 31 DiseaseProf. I-Ren LeeDepartment of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal UniversityDr. Po-Wen ChungA108 Conference
2016-10-12 10:30Facilitated Dissociation of DNA-Binding Proteins: Counterintuitive But Forms Critical Determinant of Regulatory FunctionsDr. Min-Yeh TsaiPostdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, Rice UniversityDr. Chao-Ping HsuTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2016-10-17 15:00Design and discovery at different levels: from spin to protein to cellDr. Yun MouPostdoctoral Researcher, Pharmaceutical Chemistry University of California, San FranciscoDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-10-20 15:30Exploring Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Expression Regulation by Nuclear Receptors using NMRProf. Bruno KiefferInstitut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et CellulaireDr. Der-Lii TzouA108 Conference
2016-10-24 15:30Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Janus Glycodendrimers: a Straightforward Access to Multi-tasking LiposomesProf. René RoyDépartement de Chimie, Université du Québec à MontréalDr. Cheng-Chung WangA108 Conference
2016-11-01 15:30Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Glassy Materials with Exceptional StabilityProf. Robert J McMahonDepartment of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-MadisonDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-11-07 10:00Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials for Solar Energy ApplicationsDr. Hsien-Yi HsuCenter for Electrochemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of TexasDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-11-08 15:30Electronic Structure Contributions to Reactivity in High Valent Iron Model ComplexesDr. Shengfa YeMax-Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, GermanyDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-11-09 15:30Supramolecular Polymeric Organization Engineered with Designer Molecular RecognitionProf. Takeharu HainoDepartment of Chemistry, Hiroshima UniversityDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-11-10 15:30Polyoxometalates for Catalytic Oxidation and Reduction and their use for Sustainable TransformationsProf. Ronny NeumannDepartment of Organic Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of ScienceDr. Sheng-Fa YuA108 Conference
2016-11-11 15:00From protein dynamics to protein homeostasisDr. Kuen-Phon WuDepartment of Structural Biology, St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-11-13 14:00Metal carbon bonds: implications in cross coupling, catalysis and self assembled monolayersProf. Cathleen CruddenDepartment of Chemistry, Queen’s University, CanadaDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2016-11-14 10:30Dyes and Color Pigments for Organic ElectronicsProf. Dr. Frank WuerthnerUniversitaet Wuerzburg, Center for Nanosystems Chemistry & Institut für Organische ChemieDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-11-17 15:30DFT modeling of copper and silver nanoclusters stabilized by various ligandsProf. Jean-Yves SaillardInstitut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes, CNRS-Université de Rennes, FranceDr. Ming-Hsi ChiangA108 Conference
2016-11-18 15:00Perfluorinated Porous Materials and Macrocyclic Metal-Organic FrameworksProf. Teng-Hao ChenDepartment of Chemistry, Tamkang UniversityDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-11-22 10:30Biophysical and bioengineering interrogation of cell signaling reactionsDr. Hsiung-Lin TuInstitute for Molecular Engineering, University of ChicagoDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-11-23 10:30Interfacing Biology with Materials: From Hard to SoftDr. Yi-Cheun YehDepartment of Bioengineering, University of PennsylvaniaDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-11-24 15:30Responsive Supramolcular Polymers Constructed by Orthogonal Self-assemblyProf. Leyoung WangSchool of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing UniversityDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2016-11-25 15:30Limiting the effect of disorder in organic semiconductors: from molecular crystals to polymersProf. Alessandro TroisiDepartment of Chemistry, University of WarwickDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2016-11-30 10:30Making Biodegradable/Biocompatible Plastics from Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Relevant to Potential Pharmaceutical applicationDr. Fu-Te TsaiDepartment of Chemistry, National Tsing Hua UniversityDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2016-12-05 15:30Fuels and Food from Sunlight, Air and WaterProf. Daniel NoceraDepartment of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Harvard UniversityDr. Jiann-T'suen LinA108 Conference
2016-12-08 15:00高折射率與低折射率材料的開發與應用Dr. Yu-Tsai HsiehPatent & Interllectual Property Dept., Daxin Materials CorporationDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2016-12-15 10:30Switch, Transfer, and Amplification of Chirality through Functional Helical Macromolecules PQXProf. Michinori SuginomeDepartment of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, JapanDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2016-12-15 15:30Mechanochromism, Molecular Domino and Crystal Jump of Gold(I) Isocyanide ComplexesProf. Hajime ItoDivision of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido UniversityDr. Kuang-Lieh Lu A108 Conference
2016-12-20 15:30Enhanced slurry phase direct coal liquefaction: experiments and modellingDr. David LokhatReactor Technology Research Group, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaDr. Sheng-Fa YuA108 Conference
2016-12-29 15:30Play proteins with synthetic chemistryProf. Xuechen LiDepartment of Chemistry, The University of Hong KongDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2017-01-09 15:30Design and Synthesis of Functional Organic/Polymeric Materials toward Optoelectronic and Energy ApplicationsDr Hung-Ju YenLos Alamos National Laboratory, USADr Chin-Ti ChenInstitute of Chemistry Conference Room A108
2017-01-10 10:00Proteogenomics: Methods and ApplicationsProf. Alexey I. NesvizhskiiDepartment of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USADirector Yu-Ju Chen (Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica)Institute of Chemistry, A108
2017-01-12 15:30DNA Is Not Only a Genetic Material: Recent Advances in DNA Nanotechnology and DNA as Functional MaterialProf. Itamar WillnerInstitute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 91904 Jerusalem, IsraelDr. Hsien-Ming LeeA108 Conference
2017-02-14 15:30Fabrication of Stimuli-Responsive Molecular Wires Based on TTF-Annulated Phthalocyanine and its AnalogueProf. Soji ShimizuDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Kyusyu University, JapanDr. Tiow-Gan OngConference Room A108
2017-02-23 15:30Molecular FlasksProf. Partha Sarathi MukherjeeIndian Institute of Science, BangaloreDr. Po-Wen Chung A108 Conference
2017-03-06 15:30Findings of Selective Reactions and Assembly of Metal Complexes and Their Applications to Biological and Material SciencesProf. Shin AokiTokyo University of ScienceDr. Cheng-Chung WangA108 Conference
2017-03-06 16:00Ubiquitous Function of Catalysis -from Asymmetric Drug-Lead Synthesis to Energy SystemsPhD Yutaka SagaThe University of TokyoDr. Cheng-Chung WangA108 Conference
2017-03-21 15:30中油石化產品/技術高值化研發洪正宗副所長中國石油煉製研究所Dr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-03-23 10:30Mechanisms underlying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD)Shuo-Chien LingDepartment of Physiology, National University of Singapore, SingaporeDr. Jen-Tse HuangTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2017-04-13 15:30Supported Metal Catalysts for Sustainability: Examples in Biorefinery and Hydrogen ProductionProf. Shawn D. LinChemical Engineering Department of Taiwan TECHDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2017-04-20 15:00Synthesis of Trehalose Containing Complex Mycobacterial Glycolipids and OligosaccharidesSuvarn S. KulkarniDepartment of Chemistry, IIT Bombay, IndiaDr. Cheng-Chung WangA108 Conference
2017-04-20 16:00Learning from Nature: Design and Synthesis of Natural Product like MoleculesKrishna P. KaliappanDepartment of Chemistry, IIT Bombay, IndiaDr. Cheng-Chung WangA108 Conference
2017-04-27 15:00Design of Functional Organic Conjugated Molecules for Biological ApplicationsProf. Shu-WantChinese Academy of Sciences, ChinaDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2017-05-03 10:30Design of Negatively Curved Nanographenes for Biological ApplicationsDr. Hsing-An LinNagoya University, JapanDr. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference
2017-05-10 15:30Scientific Writing for Journals of the American Chemical SocietyProf. Neil SchoreDepartment of Chemistry, University of California, Davis, USADr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2017-05-12 15:30Solution processable emitters for high-performance organic light-emitting diodesProf. Yang Chu LuoCollege of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan UniversityDr. Jiann-T'suen LinA108 Conference
2017-05-18 15:30延期!!! 奈米矽鍺熱電材料Prof. Sheng-Wei LeeDepartment of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Central UniversityDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-05-23 15:30A Novel Class of PN3-Pincer Complexes: Cooperative Catalysis and BeyondProf. Kuo-Wei HuangKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi ArabiaDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2017-05-24 15:30Modern Carbocation Chemistry - Theory and MechanismProf. Dean TantilloDepartment of Chemistry, University of California, Davis, USADr. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2017-05-25 15:30Chemistry of Reactive Intermediates: Transition Metal Oxo, Nitrido and Nitrene SpeciesProf. John F. BerryDepartment of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USADr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-06-02 15:30Computational Studies and Predictions Comparing Dinuclear and Mononuclear CatalystsProf. Daniel H. EssBrigham Young University, USADr. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2017-06-06 15:30Clinical Applications of Uredomustine, a Potent Oncologic DNA Cross-Linking AgentProf. Tsann-Long SuAdjunct Research Fellow, IBMS, Academia SinicaDr. Wen-Shan LiA108 Conference
2017-06-07 15:30[Cancellation!!] Molecular dynamics simulations of realistic lipid membranes: challenges and perspectivesDr. Semen O. YesylevskyyDepartment of Physics of Biological Systems, Institute of Physics, Kiev, UkraineDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2017-06-08 15:30Computation Aided Design in New MaterialsProf. Jyh-Chiang JiangChemical Engineering Department of Taiwan TECHDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2017-06-14 11:00Multifunctional carbon-based metal-free catalysts for efficient energy conversion and storageProf. Liming DaiCase Western Reserve University, USADr. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference
2017-06-27 15:30New platforms for large scale discovery of microbial natural productsProf. Neil L. KelleherNorthwestern University, USADirector Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2017-07-13 09:00IoC-IPMB-ITbM Joint Symposium on New Frontiers by Fusing Chemistry and BiologyProf. Kenichiro ItamiNagoya University, JapanDr. Hsiao-hua YuTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2017-08-17 15:30Novel DNA-Based Molecules and Their Charge Transport PropertiesProf. Danny PorathThe Hebrew University of JerusalemDr. Yu-Ju ChenA108 Conference
2017-09-12 10:30Dye-Sensitization for Solar Energy ConversionProf. Jerald J. MeyerUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2017-09-12 15:00Solar Photochemistry of Semiconductor Nanocrystals Coupled with Redox CatalystsProf. Gordana DukovicUniversity of Colorado at BoulderDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2017-09-21 15:30過濾與分離技術相關研發成果介紹林伯儒博士財團法人紡織產業綜合研究所Dr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-10-05 15:30Efficient Synthetic Methods of N-heterocycles via Atypical Dipolar CycloadditionsProf. Eun Jeong YooKangwon National UniversityDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2017-10-19 10:00Application of Vinylindoles and Indolylmethanols in Synthesizing Indole DerivativesProf. Feng ShiJiangsu Normal University, ChinaDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2017-10-19 15:30Collective Total Syntheses of Sesterterpenoid Natural ProductsProf. Rongbiao TongThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2017-10-20 14:30Design of Catalytic Reactions for Sustainable Synthesis and EnergyProf. David MilsteinThe Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, IsraelDr. Tiow-Gan OngTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2017-10-26 15:30Transition metal phosphors for organic light emitting diodesProf. Yun ChiNational Tsing Hua UniversityDr. Cedric Po-Wen ChungA108 Conference
2017-11-07 15:00Single-crystal-like Soft Materials: Magnetic Orientation of Three-dimensional Polymer NetworksProf. Yasuhiro IshidaRIKEN centerDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2017-11-17 15:30Strategy Toward High Energy Capacity Li-O2 BatteriesDr. Hsien-Hau WangMaterials Science Division, Argonne National LaboratoryDr. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference
2017-11-19 08:30SAB MeetingPIsIoCDr. Yu-Ju ChenA108 Conference
2017-11-20 08:30SAB Meeting (Day 2)PIsIoCDr. Yu-Ju ChenA108 Conference
2017-11-21 13:30[Special Lecture] AIM-ing for Catalyst Design with Single-Atom PrecisionProf. Joseph T. HuppDepartment of Chemistry, Northwestern UniversityDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2017-11-21 15:30[Special Lecture] Bioinorganic Chemistry of Water Oxidation for Solar Energy ConversionProf. Gary BruvigDepartment of Chemistry, Yale UniversityDr. Steve Sheng-Fa YuA108 Conference
2017-11-23 15:30Unusual physical and chemical properties of crystalline solidsProf. Jagadese J VittalNational University of SingaporeDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-11-30 15:30[Low-dimensional SiGe-based thermoelectric materials]Prof. Sheng-Wei LeeInstitute of Materials Science and Engineering, National Central UniversityDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-12-06 15:30Amino Acid-derived Bifunctional Phosphines for Enantioselective ReactionsProf. Yixin LuNational University of Singapore, SingaporeDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2017-12-18 15:30Progress toward the development of photodynamic vaccination against infectious/malignant diseases and photodynamic mosquitocidesProf. Kwang Poo ChangRosalind Franklin University of Medicine and ScienceDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2017-12-20 15:30Chirality generation, discrimination, transfer, amplification and measurement in the solid stateProf. Reiko KurodaUniversity of TokyoDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2017-12-27 15:30Nitrogen Atom Transfer from Three-Fold Symmetric Iron ComplexesProf. Jeremy M. SmithIndiana University, USADr. Ming-Hsi ChiangA108 Conference
2017-12-28 15:30Preparation of new types of phosphorus ylides or phosphonium salts: synthesis of heteroaromaticsProf. Wenwei LinNational Taiwan Normal UniversityDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2017-12-29 11:00Reactivity and applications of novel triazolate-based MOFs with open metal sitesProf. Yuri TulchinskyHebrew University of JerusalemDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2018-01-10 10:30Cation-pi interaction in chemistry, biology and material scienceProf. Narahari SastryIndian Institute of Chemical TechnologyDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2018-01-11 15:30Catalytic depolymerization of lignin (CDL) first to make fuels and chemicalsProf. Mahdi Abu-OmarMellichamp Professor at UCSBDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2018-01-16 15:30Synthesis, Structure and Application of Non-Centro Chiral MoleculesProf. Ken KamikawaOsaka Prefecture UniversityDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2018-01-22 15:00Radical-based Approach for Synthesis of Complex Natural ProductsProf. Masayuki InoueGraduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of TokyoDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2018-01-22 16:00Chemical probe-based approach to study bioactivity of natural productsProf. Kaori SakuraiTokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2018-02-01 15:00Engaging Alkynes under Metal- and Non-Metal CatalysisProf. Seunghoon ShinHanyang University, KoreaDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2018-02-01 16:30How do we Create and Process Materials for Flexible, Transparent Electronic Circuitry?Prof. Tobin MarksNorthwestern UniversityDr. Jiann-T'suen LinA108 Conference
2018-03-08 15:30Integrative metallomic approach to uncover metallo-proteomes: Revealing the role of metals in medicineProf. Hongzhe SunThe University of Hong KongDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2018-03-09 14:00Supramolecular Photosystems with Precise Spatial Organization of DyesProf. Frank WuerthnerUniversity of WuerzburgDr. Shih-Sheng SunTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-03-15 15:30Heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering in aromatics preparation: the studies of lignin derivatives hydrogenation and methanol aromatization林裕川教授成大化工系Dr. Cedric Po-Wen ChungA108 Conference
2018-03-29 15:30Creation of Multifunctional Catalysts Using Hydrogen-Bond Donors and Lewis AcidsProf. Yoshiji TakemotoKyoto University, JapanDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2018-04-12 15:30Computer-Aided Reaction Engineering: Tuning of Catalysts for Biofuel ConversionsDr. Yi-Pei LiMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2018-04-26 15:30[Cancellation!] The application of nanomaterials for low temperature fuel cellsProf. Kuan-Wen WangNational Central UniversityDr. Chun-Hong KuoA108 Conference
2018-05-11 15:30Commercialization of Biomedical technologiesProf. Ta-Jung LuNational Chung Hsing UniversityDr. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2018-05-17 15:30Pot Economy and Time Economy in the Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules.Prof. Yujiro HayashiTohoku University, JapanDr. Rong-Jie CheinA108 Conference
2018-05-21 10:30Accelerating Molecular probe syntheses on microfluidic chip.Prof. Pei Yuin KengUniversity of California, Los AngelesDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2018-05-23 15:30Stranger Things in the World of Energy Surfaces and Dynamics for Organic ReactionsProf. Dean TantilloUniversity of California DavisDr. Ito ChaoA108 Conference
2018-05-24 15:30The Addition of Dioxygen to Iron-Thiolate Complexes洪義盛教授彰化師範大學Dr. Ming-Hsi ChiangA108 Conference
2018-06-08 13:30ACS in TaiwanProf. Pi-Tai ChouAssociate Editor, ACSDr. Tiow-Gan OngTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-07-03 10:30Simple Computational Approaches to Electronic Excited States.Prof. Peter GillAustralian National UniversityDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2018-07-20 15:30Single-Cell Functional Transcriptomic and Morphological Analyses Using Machine Learning for Cancer DiscoveryDr. Yu-Chih ChenUniversity of MichiganDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2018-07-24 15:30Exploring Sensitive Detection of Important Analytes with Meticulous Design of ‘Aggregation Induced Emission’ Compounds.Prof. Inamur R LaskarBirla Institute of Technology and Science, IndiaDr. Chin-Ti ChenA108 Conference
2018-08-02 15:30Catalytic α-Amination of Acylpyrazoles and Catalytic Addition of Various Nucleophile to N-Unprotected α-Ketiminnoesters for the Synthesis of Unnatural α-Amino Acid Derivatives.Prof. Takashi OhshimaKyushu UniversityDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2018-08-09 15:30Structural Effect of Organic Dyes: Strategy to Boost the Efficiency and Stability of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Perovskite Solar Cells.Prof. Yan-Duo LinNational Chiayi UniversityDr. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference
2018-08-13 15:30Some Surprises and Puzzles in Soft Matter Chemistry/Physics/Engineering.Prof. Steve GranickInstitute for Basic Science, South KoreaDr. Sunney ChanA108 Conference
2018-08-14 15:30Mechanobiochemistry of branched actin network.Prof. Tai-De LiCity University of New YorkDr. Hsiung-Lin TuA108 Conference
2018-08-16 15:30Creation of a Variety of S-Bridged Coordination Compounds via Metalloligand Approach.Prof. Takumi KonnoOsaka UniversityDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2018-08-23 15:30Methoxy groups on bifluorenylidene-based hole transporting materials for highly efficient and stable dopant-free inverted perovskite solar cells.Prof. Yung-Chung ChenNational Kaohsiung University of Science and TenologyDr. Jiann-T'suen LinA108 Conference
2018-08-28 10:30Preparation of Magnesium Oxide and Its Composites by Aerogel Method for Removal of sulfur and Phosphorus Compounds and Carbon Dioxide.Dr. Anh-Tuan VuHanoi University of Science and TechnologyDr. Cedric Po-Wen ChungA108 Conference
2018-08-29 10:30Our Journey in Developing a New Microfluidic Radiosynthesizer.Prof. Pei Yuin KengUniversity of California, Los AngelesDr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2018-08-29 15:30Structural and functional consequences of soluble methane monooxygenase and zinc fingers.Prof. Seung Jae LeeChonbuk National University, KoreaDr. Chen-Hsiung HungA108 Conference
2018-08-30 15:30To be announced.From Supramolecular Chemistry to Bio-Medical Applications.林欣杰教授國立交通大學材料科學與工程學系所Dr. Hsiao-hua YuA108 Conference
2018-09-06 15:30Design and Synthesis of Colorimetric and Ratiometric Fluorescent Cyanide-Selective Sensors.Prof. Kew-Yu ChenFeng Chia UniversityDr. Shih-Sheng SunA108 Conference
2018-09-14 10:30To be announced.From dichalcogenolate-protected group 11 metal hydrides to superatomc alloys.Prof. Chen-Wei LiuNational Dong Hwa UniversityDr. Kuang-Lieh LuA108 Conference
2018-09-14 15:30Vibrational Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-Processing Enzymes using Mössbauer Photons — Why the Fuss About Little Bumps and Squiggles ?Prof. Stephen CramerUC DavisDr. Steve Sheng-Fa YuA108 Conference
2018-09-18 15:30Development of Novel Strategies and Methods in Polyketide Synthesis.Prof. Ran HongShanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2018-09-20 15:30Biochemical Reactions Under Triggering Signal ControlsProf. Hsien-Ming LeeIoC, ASDr. Der-Lii M. TzouA108 Conference
2018-09-25 15:30QM/MM study of Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase and aldolase.Prof. Jen-Shiang YuNational Chiao Tung UniversityDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2018-09-27 10:00Catalytic Organocopper Reagents in Selective Organic SynthesisProf. Martín Fañanás-MastralUniversity of Santiago de Compostela, SpainDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2018-10-03 10:30Semiconductor nanoheterostructures for harvesting solar energy.Prof. Sameer SapraIndian Institute of Technology DelhiDr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2018-10-08 14:30Sunney Chan Lecture: Jennifer A. Doudna-CRISPR Biology Guides the Future of Genome Editing.Prof. Jennifer A. DoudnaUniversity of California, BerkeleyDirector Yu-Ju ChenInternational Conference Hall, HSS Building
2018-10-24 09:002018分子科學前沿兩岸四方聯合交流會.研究員中國科學院化學研究所/北京大學化學與分子工程學院/台大化學系/中研院化學所Dr. Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-10-24 09:002018分子科學前沿兩岸四方聯合交流會.研究員中國科學院化學研究所/北京大學化學與分子工程學院/台大化學系/中研院化學所Dr. Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-10-24 09:002018分子科學前沿兩岸四方聯合交流會.研究員中國科學院化學研究所/北京大學化學與分子工程學院/台大化學系/中研院化學所Dr. Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-10-24 09:002018分子科學前沿兩岸四方聯合交流會.研究員中國科學院化學研究所/北京大學化學與分子工程學院/台大化學系/中研院化學所Dr. Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-10-24 09:002018分子科學前沿兩岸四方聯合交流會.研究員中國科學院化學研究所/北京大學化學與分子工程學院/台大化學系/中研院化學所Dr. Yu-Ju ChenTa-shue Chou Memorial Hall
2018-10-26 15:30To be announced.C-C and C-H functionalization of Ketones.Prof. Guangbin DongUniversity of ChicagoDr. Tiow-Gan OngA108 Conference
2018-11-15 15:30Buckyball Maracas: New Endohedral Fullerene Structures, Reactivity and Supramolecular Interactions.Prof. Luis EchegoyenUniversity of Texas at El PasoDr. Ming-Hsi ChiangA108 Conference
2018-11-21 10:30Organic Bioelectronics: the Nano, the Bio, the Smart.尤嘯華副研究員中研院化學所Dr. Chao-Ping HsuA108 Conference
2018-12-13 15:30Can Urinary Metabolome Become A Better Alternative Than Serum Prostate Specific Antigen for Prostate Cancer Screening? - Method Development and Evaluation.Professor Wen-Yee LeeUniversity of Texas at El PasoDr. Wen-Shan LiA108 Conference
2018-12-18 15:30Nanocatalysis: A Bridge bewteen Molecule and Energy.郭俊宏助研究員中研院化學所Prof. Yu-Tai TaoA108 Conference