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Kwang-Hwa Lii (李光華)
Awards & Honors
  • 教育部國家講座  (2007)
  • 國科會特約研究員  (2006)
  • 教育部學術獎  (2004)
  • 國科會傑出獎  (2003)
  • "國科會傑出獎"  (1998)
  • "國科會傑出獎"  (1991)
Journal Paper
  1. Chang Ling-Wei, Liu Hsin-Kuan, Lii Kwang-Hwa Flux synthesis and characterization of two barium hydroxyborosilicates with triple and single tetrahedral layers: Ba2[Si3B3O12(OH)] and Ba[Si2BO6(OH)]. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2020-06287, 121331.
  2. Kuo Yu-Chen, Liu Hsin-Kuan, Wang Sue-Lein*, Lii Kwang-Hwa* High-temperature, high-pressure hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure, and infrared and NMR spectroscopy of a barium lead borate with a 2D layer structure: [Ba3Pb(H2O)][B11O19(OH)3]. Dalton Transactions 2020, 49(19) 6220-6226.
  3. Lee Cheng-Shiuan; Wang Sue-Lein; Lii Kwang-Hwa* Flux Synthesis of a New Uranyl Silicate K(6)(UO(2))(3)Si(8)O(22). CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE 2011-0332, 605-608.
  4. Cheng Shao-Wen; Tseng Mei-Chun; Lii Kwang-Hwa; Lee, Chi-Rung; Shyu, Shin-Guang* Intermediates of copper(I)-catalyzed C-S cross coupling of thiophenol with aryl halide by in situ ESI-MS st. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201147, 5599-5601.
  5. Nguyen, Q. B.; Liu, H.-K.; Chang, W.-J.; Lii, K.-H. Cs8UIV(UVIO2)3(Ge3O9)3•3H2O: A Mixed-Valence Uranium Germanate with 9-Ring Channels. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201150, 4241-4243.
  6. Liu, H.-K.; Lii, K.-H. Cs2USi6O15: A Tetravalent Uranium Silicate. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201150, 5870-5872.
  7. Nguyen, Q. B.; Lii, K.-H. Cs4UGe8O20: A Tetravalent Uranium Germanate Containing Four- and Five-Coordinate Germanium. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201150, 9936-9938.
  8. Liu, H.-K.; Chang, W.-J.; Lii, K.-H. High-Temperature, High-Pressure Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of an Open-Framework Uranyl Silicate with Nine-Ring Channels: Cs2UO2Si10O22. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201150, 11773-11776.
  9. Nguyen, Q. B.; Lii, K.-H. Organically templated metal germanate: Ionothermal synthesis of (C8H24N4)[NbOGe6O13(OH)2F]. DALTON TRANSACTIONS 201140,10830-10832.
  10. Lee, C.-S.; Lin, C.-H.; Wang, S.-L.; Lii, K.-H Na7UIVO2(UVO)2(UV/VIO2)2Si4O16: An Extraordinary Mixed-Valence Uranium Silicate. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 201049, 4254-4256.
  11. Wang, C.-M.; Lin, C.-H.; Yang, C.-W.; Lii, K.-H. Zinc Germanates Incorporating Organic Amine Ligands: Solvothermal Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Zn2Ge4O10(NH2CH2CH2CH2NH2) and ZnGe2O5(NH2CH2CH2NH2). INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201049, 5783-5785.
  12. Wang, C.-M.; Yang, C.-W.; Lin, C.-H.; Lii, K.-H. Solvothermal Synthesis of Two Polymorphs of an Indium Germanate Incorporating an Organic Amine Ligand: - and -In2Ge5O15(NH2CH2CH2NH2)2. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201049, 10229-10231.
  13. Wang, C.-M.; Wu, Y.-Y.; Hou, C.-H.; Chen, C.-C.; Lii, K.-H. Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Organically Templated Lanthanide Oxalatophosphates with a Three-Dimensional Honeycomb Structure: (H4APPIP)[Ln3(C2O4)5.5(H2PO4)2]•5H2O (Ln = Er-Lu, APPIP = 1,4-bis(3-amino-propyl)piperazine). INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200948, 1519-1523.
  14. Lin, C.-H.; Chiang, R.-K.; Lii, K.-H. Synthesis of Thermally Stable Extra-Large Pore Crystalline Materials: A Uranyl Germanate with 12-Ring Channels. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2009131, 2068-2069.
  15. Lee, C.-S.; Wang, S.-L.; Lii, K-H. Cs2K(UO)2Si4O12: A Mixed-Valence Uranium(IV,V) Silicate. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2009131, 15116-15117.
  16. Wang, C.-M.; Lii, K.-H. Synthesis of Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Compounds: Lanthanide Phosphites Incorporating Squarate Ligands. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200948, 6335-6337.
  17. Lee, C.-S.; Wang, S.-L.; Chen, Y.-H.; Lii, K.-H. Flux Synthesis of Salt-Inclusion Uranyl Silicates: [K3Cs4F][(UO2)3(Si2O7)2] and [NaRb6F][(UO2)3(Si2O7)2]. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200948, 8357-8361.
  18. Liu, Y.-S.; Tang, M.-F.; Lii, K.-H. Rare Earth Metal Squarates Incorporating Ethylene Glycol Ligand with a Three-Dimensional Framework Structure: RE(C2O4)1.5(C2H6O2) (RE = Y, La-Nd, Sm-Lu). DALTON TRANSACTIONS 2009, 9781-9786.
  19. Wang, C.-M.; Wu, Y.-Y.; Chang, Y.-W.; Lii, K.-H. Luminescent Lanthanide Oxalatophosphites with a 3D Framework Structure: [Ln(H2O)(C2O4)0.5(HPO3)]•H2O (Ln = Pr, Nd, and Sm-Lu). CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 200820,2857-2859.
  20. Lee, C.-S.; Liao, Y.-C.; Hsu, J.-T.; Wang, S.-L.; Lii, K.-H. Rb2REGaSi4O12 (RE = Y, Eu, Gd, Tb): Luminescent Mixed-Anion Double Layer Silicates Containing Chains of Edge-Sharing REO7 Pentagonal Bipyramids. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200847,1910-1912.
  21. Chen, P.-L.; Chiang, P.-Y.; Yeh, H.-C.; Chang, B.-C.; Lii, K.-H. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Magnetic and Luminescence Properties of KEuGe2O6: A Europium Cyclogermanate Containing Infinite Chains of Edge-Sharing Eu-O Polyhedra. DALTON TRANSACTIONS 2008, 1721-1726.
  22. Lai, Y.-L.; Chiang, R.-K.; Lii, K.-H.; Wang, S.-L. The First Organically Templated Tetravalent Uranium Phosphates with Dimer-Structured Topologies. CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 200820, 523-530.
  23. Lin, C.-H.; Chen, C.-S.; Shiryaev, A. A.; Zubavichus, Ya. V.; Lii, K.-H. K3(U3O6)(Si2O7) and Rb3(U3O6)(Ge2O7): A Pentavalent-Uranium Silicate and Germanate. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200847, 4445-4447.
  24. Tang, M.-F.; Chiang, P.-Y.; Su, Y.-H.; Jung, Y.-C.; Hou, G.-Y.; Chang, B.-C.; Lii, K.-H. Flux Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Luminescence Properties of Salt-Inclusion Lanthanide Silicates: [K9F2][Ln3Si12O32] (Ln = Sm, Eu, Gd). INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200847, 8985-8989..
  25. Lin, C.-H.; Lii, K.-H. A3(U2O4)(Ge2O7) (A = Rb, Cs): Mixed-Valence Uranium(V,VI) Germanates . ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 200847,8711-8713.
  26. Tsi, J.-M.; Tu, P.-T.; Chan, T.-S.; Lii, K.-H. Synthesis and Characterization of Open-Framework Niobium Silicates: Rb2(Nb2O4)(Si2O6)•H2O and the Dehydrated Phase Rb2(Nb2O4)(Si2O6). INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200847, 11223-11227.
  27. Hung, L.-I; Wang, S.-L.; Kao, H.-M.; Lii, K.-H. Flux Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Two Indium Silicates Containing Varied In-O Coordination Geometries. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200746,3301-3305.
  28. Chiang, P.-Y.; Lin, T.-W.; Dai, J.-H.; Chang, B.-C.; Lii, K.-H. Flux Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Luminescence Properties of a New Europium Fluoride-Silicate: K5Eu2FSi4O13. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 200746,3619-3622.
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