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Ito Chao (趙奕姼)

Computational Chemistry, Molecular Design

Ito Chao (趙奕姼)

researcherid:E-3562-2015 (open in a new browser window)     886-2-55728530
Research Fellow (2004-);Associate Research Fellow (1998-2004);Assistant Research Fellow (1993-1998);Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California at Los Angeles, USA (1992-93);Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, USA (1992);B.S., National Taiwan University (1985);Secretary General of the Chemical Society Located in Taipei (2015-);Deputy Director(2009-2012);
Research Interests

Charge-induced intramolecular charge transfer and its applications.
Molecular design of organic semiconductors.
Supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly.
Molecular structures and reaction mechanisms.

Remote control of hydrogen bonds

Remote control of hydrogen bonds can be achieved with the use of pi-conjugated molecules bearing a binding center, a bridge, and a reaction center. When reactions take place at the reaction center, the binding ability of the binding center varies accordingly.

N-type organic semiconductors

N-type organic semiconductors can be obtained by substituting electron withdrawing groups to p-type frameworks. F-substituted system has larger internal reorganization energy due to the additional contribution of C-F bond. However, CN-substituted system has smaller reorganization energy by extending electron delocalization in a nonbonding fashion.

Selected Publications
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Update: 2023-11-08

Journal Paper
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