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Core Facilities

Video Introduction

The following text is introduced in the order of appearance on the video.

Mass Spectrometry Facility

The different ionization of mass spectrometry instruments was jointly developed with user to address their research in diverse fields.
We had installed the autosampler unit to interface with ESI-MS to reduce the analysis and manual operation time.
For Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption lonization mass spectrometry,

NMR Facility

In the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR laboratory of the Institute of Chemistry, there are six superconducting instruments including two of each 300MHz, 400MHz and 500MHz NMR equipment. It is a very important facility for supporting the chemical research for identification and analysis of molecular structures.

Photovoltaic Solar Cell Facility

Solar energy conversion efficiency measurement and quantum efficiency characterization equipment.
Emergent PV device exhibits photoresponse under room/low light condition
Dye-sensitized solar cell can be fabricated by screen printing process. Small fans can be driven by dye-sensitized solar cell under room light
Customized pattern of a dye-sensitized solar cell

X-ray Facility

Bruker D8 Venture four circle X-ray diffractometer provides high quality data collection and structural analysis of crystal samples and other crystal such as absolute structures determination and large lattice crystal structure.
Bruker D8 Advance X-ray Powder diffractometer provides a wide angle scan of powder Sample, as well as the ability to perform special measurements such as Variable temperature experiment, Grazing Incident X-ray Diffraction(GIXD).

Scanning Electron Microscopy Facility

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM) and Energy Dispersion Spectrometer (EDS) can perform techniques such as microstructure observation, qualitative, and semi-quantitative component analysis on the sample surface. Due to the small diameter and high brightness of the electron beam emitted by the high-electric field, it has a high resolution, which is an important tool for measuring nanostructures and research. 。

Catalysis Facility

Chemisorption Analyzer - Investigate chemical properties of catalysts related to catalytic reaction.
Physisorption Analyzer – Physical adsorption/desorption of gaseous molecules on material surface. Adsorption selectivity of materials for different gases.
Photocatalytic System -Photo/electrochemical catalysis and in-situ product analysis.