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Chi-Kwong Chang (張啟光)

Inorganic Chemistry

Chi-Kwong Chang (張啟光)


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B.S, 1969, Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan); Ph.D., 1973, University of California-San Diego. Postdoctoral, University of California-San Diego. Postdoctoral,University of British Columbia;Professor, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University; Professor, Head, 1998-2004, Department of Chemistry, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology; Distinguished Chair Professor, 2009-2014, National Taiwan University;Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1980-1982; Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, 1981-1985; Distinguished Faculty Award, Michigan State University, 1991.;
Research Interests

Porphyrins and Porphyrinoidal Ligands
Biological Oxygen Binding and Activation
Metalloenzymes Models
Monooxygenation Catalysis
Photodynamic Therapy using Porphyrin Tumorcidal Agents

Selected Publications
  1. Chang, C. K. Paul Rothemund and S. Ferguson MacDonald, and their Namesake Reactions - the Influence of the Fischer School on my Life in Porphyrin Chemistry. Israel J. Chem. 2015, 55, DOI: 10.1002/ijch.201500043.
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