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Jiun-Jie Shie (謝俊結)

Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

Jiun-Jie Shie (謝俊結)

    Jiun-Jie Shie 's Lab
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Associate Research Fellow (2023-);Assistant Research Fellow (2015-2023);Postdoctoral Fellow, The Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica (2010-2015);Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, USA (2009-2010);Postdoctoral Fellow, The Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica (2005-2009);Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (2002-2005);M.S., Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (1999-2002);B.S., Department of Chemistry, Tamkang University (1995-1999) ;
Research Interests

Our research interests are primarily in the areas of organic synthesis and chemical biology. We are interested in using chemistry as tools to study and address in biology. The foremost focus centers on the developing novel chemical bioconjugations and related fluorescent smart probes for selective labeling of biomolecules in cells to understand cellular processes. In the field of organic synthesis, the Shie lab at IoC focuses on development new synthetic methodologies for the efficient and economical synthesis of biomedical significance glycoconjugates and carbohydrate-based small molecular inhibitors against infection diseases.

~ Antiviral and antibacterial drug discovery.
~ Fluorescence-forming probes and chemosensors upon chemical bioconjugation.
~ Development of novel chemical bioconjugation reactions in biological systems.
~ Fluorescent labeling chemistry of biomolecule in cell.

Selected Publications
  1. Huang, W.-F.; Weng, Y.-S.; Tseng, M.-C.; Shie, J.-J.* “Bioinspired Hg2+-sensing fluorogenic probe based on amino acid-functionalized rhodamine.” J. Photochem. Photobiol. A Chem. 2024, 456, 115806.
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    Selected Patents:
  1. Wong, C.-H.; Fang, J.-M.; Shie, J.-J. “Reactive labelling compounds and their uses thereof.” US Patent Application Publication (2015). Pub. No.: US 2015/0309041 A1.
  2. Wong, C.-H.; Fang, J.-M.; Shie, J.-J. “Benzocyclooctyne compounds and their uses thereof.” US Patent Application Publication (2015). Pub. No.: US 2015/0241439 A1.
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Update: 2024-07-09

Journal Paper
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