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David  Tai-Wei  Wu (吳台偉)

Modern Computational Methods and Statistical Mechanics for Energy and Materials

David Tai-Wei Wu (吳台偉)


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Director (8/2021-); Research Fellow (8/2021-); Professor (2011-), Associate Professor (2002-2011), Assistant Professor (1996-2002), Colorado School of Mines with joint appointments in Chemical and Biological Engineering & Chemistry and Geochemistry Departments; Head of Chemistry and Geochemistry Department, Colorado School of Mines (2012-2017); Associate Director, Center for Hydrate Research, Colorado School of Mines (2009-2014); Visiting Professor (8/2017-7/2018), Visiting Associate Research Fellow (5/2019-8/2019), National Taiwan University; PostDoc, University of California at Santa Barbara, Chemical Eng. Dept (1993-1996); PostDoc, University of Cambridge, UK, Department of Physics (1991-1993); PhD, University of California at Berkeley, Department of Chemistry (1991); A.B., Harvard University, Department of Chemistry, Magna cum laude (1985); Foreign Expert, China 111 project “Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Discipline”, China University of Petroleum (2017-2022); Invited Taiwan National Science Council Visiting Associate Research Fellow (2010);;
Selected Publications
  1. Sum A.K., Wu D.T., Yasuoka K. Energy science of clathrate hydrates: Simulation-based advances MRS Bull. 2011, 36, 205.
  2. Lu N., Zeidman B.D., Luck M.T., Wilson C.S., Wu D.T. A Monte Carlo paradigm for capillarity in porous media Geophysical Research Letters 2010, 37.
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  5. Walsh M.R., Koh C.A., Sloan E.D., Sum A.K., Wu D.T. Microsecond Simulations of Spontaneous Methane Hydrate Nucleation and Growth Science 2009, 326, 1095.
  6. X-ray Scattering of Vinyl Polyolefin Liquids and Random Copolymers: Theory and Experiment, Huimin Li, John G. Curro, and David T. Wu, Macromolecules, 41, 2694-2700, (2008).
  7. Tight-binding molecular dynamics study of the role of defects on carbon nanotube moduli and failure, R. Haskins, R. Maier, R. Ebeling, C. Marsh, D. Majure, A. Bednar, C. Welch, B. Barker, and David Wu, Journal of Chemical Physics, 127, 074702, (2007).
  8. The Effects of Branch Points and Chain Ends on the Thermodynamic Interaction Parameter in Binary Blends of Regularly-Branched and Linear Polymers, Jae S. Lee, Mark D. Foster, and David T. Wu, Macromolecules 39, 5113-5121, (2006).
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